M. Trent Trani & Associates

M. Trent Trani & Associates is a boutique law office located in Cherry Creek that serves clients throughout the Denver metro area. For more than 15 years, Mr. Trani has been representing clients in a wide variety of legal matters, and over the course of his career, he has gained invaluable experience that he brings to every case his firm handles. Mr. Trani has represented literally thousands of clients throughout his career, and has dealt with almost every possible legal obstacle. He is a trial attorney, a litigator, and there is very little that he has not dealt with in a courtroom.

Mr. Trani's philosophy is to use his experience to represent each and every client aggressively and compassionately. He cares about each client and how their legal problem will affect their life and the lives of their family. It is his goal to successfully resolve legal problems and to restore his client's life so that they can move on to the business of living happily.

It is this philosophy that motivated him to form this law firm. Each attorney who Mr. Trani works with holds the same philosophy and represents each client in the same manner. 

Most law firms practice with the philosophy of quantity over quality and regard clients as numbers. M. Trent Trani & Associates is a small law firm that maintains a small case load to insure personalized representation and care.



M. Trent Trani


Trent founded the firm in 2005. As senior attorney he has achieved many positive verdicts at trial in both misdemeanor and felony charges. 

Mirela Omeragic

Family Law Attorney

Mirela enjoys working with a diverse group of people and has been able to utilize her knowledge of Spanish and Bosnian languages while working with her clients.


  • “Trent, Again you have my eternal gratitude. Your counsel, patience, and humanity you showed me was over the top. Thank you. In looking back now, I know that I was guided to you for help. – A.S.” (Charge of Sexual Assault on a Child – Pattern of Abuse – Negotiations with prosecution resulted in probation with no jail or prison time)


  • “Hi Trent, I just wanted to send a short note from our entire family to thank you for everything that you did for [my daughter]. Your efforts over the past year allowed the truth about the horrible accident to be heard. It seemed that everyone but you believed [my daughter] was guilty of driving drunk and killing [the victim]. The Not Guilty verdict reached by the jury was vindication for everything that we have said since the beginning. It was your hard work and your performance at trial that allowed...
    Sincerely, R.D.


  • “Earlier this year I was charged with a domestic violence crime in Adams county Colorado against my now ‘ex’ husband. It was my ex who had assaulted me. Mr. Trani believed me when the cops wouldn’t. Then, when the prosecutor wouldn’t dismiss the case, Mr. Trani worked hard to prove that I was innocent. We had a trial and Mr. Trani asked my ex so many tough questions when he was testifying that my ex about blew up on the witness stand. I was found not guilty and am now...


  • “Trent, I just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude to you and your staff. I will always be thankful for your being my defense attorney. In one of my college classes, a Forensic Psychology class our last paper is on the Court room experience which brought back many memories for me. You were the one constant that pulled me through a difficult time due to my horrible decision making. Anyhow I have come a very long way since then but I will forever be grateful to you. Wishing...