Sex Crimes

Denver Sex Crime Lawyer Charges of Sex Crimes in Colorado If you stand accused of sex crimes such as sex assault, rape, sex assault on a child or sexual exploitation of a child, you are at risk of suffering severe criminal penalties that can destroy... more

Criminal Defense FAQ

Denver Criminal Defense FAQ Answers from a Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer How do I choose the best criminal attorney for me? Mr. Trani believes that when facing criminal allegations or charges, it is important to find an attorney who specializes in c... more

Violent Crimes

Denver Violent Crime Lawyer Violent Crimes Carry Tough Sentences in Denver Any time that you stand accused of a crime, you are at risk of suffering harsh consequences in the event that you are convicted. If you are being charged with a violent crime,... more

Internet Crimes

Internet Crime What are internet crimes? In years past, it was relatively easy for individuals to get away with committing internet crimes such as fraud, identity theft, luring of a child and the distribution or acquisition of child pornography on th... more

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime Defending You Against White Collar Crime Allegations While it may not involve violence or drugs, white collar crime is still taken just as seriously by the criminal justice system as are any other types of offenses. If you are conv... more

Criminal Defense

Helping Good People Avoid Harsh Criminal Penalties Whether you are guilty or innocent, dealing with criminal charges can be hugely unsettling, even life ruining. When life has turned upside down, it is important to reach out for the proper kind of he... more

Theft Crime

Denver Theft Crime Lawyer Sentence for a Theft Crime Conviction in Denver If you have been accused of theft, it is important to consult with a Denver criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. You are now being targeted with prosecution by the stat... more

Domestic Violence

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Arrest Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is not a specific crime. If you have been arrested after the police responded to your home on a domestic violence complaint, you will not subsequently face charg... more